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House Puzzle

Category: 2D
SubCategory: Puzzel
Version: 2.0
Updated On: 25-07-2015
Price: Free

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*puzzle game will improve kids’ logic, visual and their ability.
* How to play game for kids: Different levels in sweet baby dream house puzzle game.
* Easy, simple and interesting gameplay.
* Place images into their coordinating places in the dream house.
* Easy movement of graphics.
* Drag various rooms items from list and drop them to organize in their matching spaces.
* Diverse house Items like: watch, phone, purse, schoolbag, chair, coffee machine, flowers, tea cup, toys, paint, drum, sofa etc.
* Kids have to complete room with objects by filling empty space.
* Complete levels with tap on water balloons, truly entertained!!!!!.
* More level coming soon!!!!! .

*Colorful, attractive, high Quality 3D graphics .
* Wonderful animation .
*Awesome graphics for Bedroom, living room, kids room, Guest room, Family room. Happy background sound and tunes.

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