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Spelling Game

Category: 2D
SubCategory: Educational
Version: 1.0
Updated On: 10-07-2015
Price: Free

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* Play & Learn Kindergarten ABC English spelling learning game, for kidz.
* Here is the best spell learning game for kids.
* The game designed with Basic English words of daily routine objects, Animals, Colors, Alphabets, Numbers, Fruits, and Vegetables.
* Kids, toddlers and babies get ready to learn English on mobiles and tablets.
* It’s a Free, Fun and Learn game for kids.
* Just recognize the pictures and collect alphabets to make spelling of that picture.
* It’s a total kid’s English learning course on mobile.
* So all the kids lets learn work out to correct spell.
* It is the best fun game for Practising Spelling and learns new vocabulary.
* This English spelling learning game is a little kindergarten, kids play house and kinder world on your mobile.
* Let your kid help learning English spellings, alphabets, grammars and numbers.
* On the very first page kids will be presented with so many options, some cute birds flying around the screen and some cute animals like rabbit, playing on ground.
* When a kid press the play button, kid will be presented with so many levels, in each and every level kid will have different spelling exercises.
* Kids will have to collect the alphabets and numbers in sequence.
* When the level completes, there will be colourful balloons on the screen, by touching the balloons kids can see exhilarating balloon popping effects.
* So kids will have a fun combo of alphabets spelling learning and balloons pop games together.
* Kids, be fast, go for game and get your own kindergarten on your tablets.
* ENJOY !.

* Nice game with attractive graphics .
* Easy to play.

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