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Sweet Candy Blast

Category: 2D
SubCategory: Casual
Version: 1.0
Updated On: 18-12-2015
Price: Free

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*Want to play a swap and match-3 style game that keeps you engrossed for hours? The Sweet Candy Blast is precisely one of these kinds.
* Yes! Candies are sweet and are tempting too! So is this game which tempts you to play more and more and keeps you engrossed for hours on end! Hence, enjoy this game; while you are resting, traveling, or you simply want something exhilarating to do.
* Play to relaxing and exhilarating music in the background.
* You can simply keep a bag of sweets and candies by your side and relish them while you play this sweet game, or simply play away on your mobile, smartphone, or gaming device!!! To begin with, the home screen presents two play options – arcade and classic.
* If you choose arcade, then this game presents 298 levels to play! You need to select the first level and advance through the various levels as the game progresses.
* Additionally, you need to complete the game in the provided timing, else you will need to reload or restart the game.
* While playing the Sweet Candy Blast, you can swap and match – 3 for points.
* Also, you can match –4 for extra points.
* This game gives you even more advantage in the form of extra power by matching five.
* You get to gain more stars by accumulating more and more points.
* In the classic mode, the game play is the same, but the designing is different.
* This mode does not include level display, but one can move through the game progressively.

* Nice graphics .
* Amazing game play .

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