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World Sports Quiz

Category: 2D
SubCategory: Puzzel
Version: 1.0
Updated On: 15-05-2016
Price: Free

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*The game is designed for all the fans of the most popular sports in the world.
* This game also has quiz about national animals and birds and world famous Inventions.
* Its 100% free and No internet connection is required.
* If you are the sport lover this is probably the best logo quiz game for you.
*Prove your ability with this game.
* If you like the sports quiz like Soccer Trivia, Cricket Club logo game this app is best logo quiz puzzle game.
* If you success to identify the logo quiz game you will reward with the points.
* You can use four kind of helps *Change the game mode and choose the right answer from 4 options *Use hint-1 * If you have no idea from hint-1 use hint-2 for the right answer *Logo Answer reveal options.

*Unlimited Fun with All sports logo .
* 2 hints .
* Game change mode .
* 4 kinds of help .
* Comfortable keyboard .
* Frequent updates .
* Source of knowledge.

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