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Hindi Bollywood Song

Category: 2D
SubCategory: Educational
Version: 1.3
Updated On: 30-05-2016
Price: Free

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*Oceantreegames presents you the master guessing game "Guess the bollywood Song".
* No internet connection require.
* It's 100% free game.
* This game has two kind of fun hidni cimena dialogues and Hindi bollywood songs.
* If you are big fan for khan's , Devagan, Lata and Rehman then this is the best game for you to guess the song of your favorite stars.
* Explore your filmy knowledge of guessing the song of movie with masti & magic.
* See the written song and guess the correct answer.
* Earn coins for each correct answer you guess and top the leaderboard! If you do not know the answer share the bollywood song on your facebook and WhatsApp to test the bollywood knowledge of your friends and family.
* If you like the game like bollywood movie quiz, hindi cinema quiz then this is the best game for you.

*An awesome graphics .
* Today's hit of 2016 and past block buster bollywood songs included. .
* 150+ songs to play through! .
* Don't have a idea ? Try out our hints! Reveal a correct answer! .
* Finished a section? Reset the game to play it again! .
* Simple and addictive puzzle game .
* .

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